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So my appointment was at 3pm, and I took the bus down, arriving at 2:30. I changed from my pink cons (shout out to Ashley) into my 5" Gucci Heels, and had a cigarette outside the door. I was so nervous I was shaking as I entered the door. Would they think I was only 5'4"? Would they think me too fat? What would they say about the 2 layers of skin I had taken off from an eyebrow waxing gone awry? What about my recent breakout after the theft of my proactiv?

I steadied myself and put a smile on my face as I walked up to the counter. There was a form to fill out, which I did, and I was handed a visitor's pass. They directed me to a green room, where I went and was faced with three other girls, all incredibly tall, thin, and gorgeous. No one said a word (which bothered me), but sat watching MuchMusic on the TV in there and drinking the (NO DIET) pop provided. I took a seat on the couch and waited patiently. The girls looked at me as though they were judging me. Then one was called in. Two got up, and the one who wasn't caled mentioned that she had forgotten her "book" (read: portfolio) and ran in to get it.

And then there were two.

I decided to take the opportunity to talk to my companion while the other interview was going on. She, however, was pretty boring and didn't have much interesting to say. She was more concerned with the Music Videos on TV than with conversation or being friendly. If I get in the house, I hope she's not there. She was called in next and I was alone for a bit.

Then some other girl showed up and she was kinda ugly and had bad skin which made me feel better, even though she was really tall and thin She was not boring like the other girl and we talked for a bit about modelling in Vancouver, the different agencies, what the work (if any) was like, and all that. I had already been mic-ed up and they came in to get me just as a thin, gorgeous red-headed girl came along to have her interview.

I walked in there and the direction was kinda weird. It was straight ahead to the left at some lights, but there were about three places that filled those qualifications. Anyway, I managed to find my way to the producers and a chair and sat my fat ass down. There was a fat woman producer, a blonde woman with a deer-in-the-headlights look about her, and an old British dude producer. Those three were asking me the questions while the people in the background looked on from the shadows.

I was perched in my thousand dollar shoes on top of a stool, trying to maintain correct posture and be friendly and open. They made me almost fall off the damn chair with the first question:

"Kyla-- you have to make a difficult decision, and you can only choose one option. Boyfriend or Modelling. Which is it?"

My immediate reaction was to argue and ask why I couldn't have both. I love my boyfriend dearly, and I love modelling too. If I have a good boyfriend, he'd let me model and still be with me. But I had to give an answer and not argue with them. So I did. I told them modelling. I explained some crap reason for that, and then Blondie asked what he would think. I said that he doesn't watch reality TV so he'd never know.

Then we talked about Reality TV, my suicide attempt 2 years ago, how I'm like Holly Golightly, what I want to do with my life, why I'm not the typical model, and then they made me do some looks into the camera for them. I gave them the patented "Kyla" staredown, the sexy look, the grin, the coy smile, the flirty look, the angry look, etc. They liked them and sent me off to get into a bathing suit and have my measurements taken.


Okay. No big deal. "Wow. It looks like I have gained some weight" I said to Fattie. She looked at me with shock and said "You're the first person to admit that. Everyone else says that they didn't realize or makes up excuses". I smiled. She said "It doesn't matter, it's after Christmas, anyway". So it wasn't a big deal.

Then they measured me. With one of my shoes on. I'd imagine for the other girls they let them keep their sneakers and whatnot on.

And that was it.
I find out the rest on Feb1.
But they did ask me not to change anything about my appearance and eyebrows and hair color.
And told me they loved me. Thanked me for my "honesty".
And then they said I had the perfect look for a model.

So how can they not pick me?
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